Ramada Hotel & Spa

Leisure area. Kislovodsk. 3 767 sqft.

Project description

As part of a renovation of a sanatorium in Kislovodsk we created a multifunctional leisure area for the RAMADA HOTEL & SPA hotel.

Goals: To create a multifunctional leisure area within a defined area for the RAMADA HOTEL & SPA hotel.

Solution:  By transforming a hill on the hotel territory we created the multifunctional zone with two floors. Spa treatment rooms were placed on the first floor, and the leisure area itself was located on the second floor. During the day it can be used as a place for relaxing and sunbathing, where you can cool down with a fruit cocktail, while in the evening it transforms into an event venue. The leisure area includes a bar, a rest area with a fireplace and a large relaxation area with deck chairs and fountains. The abundance of greenery creates the atmosphere of a bona-fide oasis.

Kitchen & Milk
Project Kitchen & Milk